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The sales and marketing plan is a document that most entrepreneurs do not have time to move to arm. I'm not sure why that is, because it is as important as the business plan and in fact complements it.

The business plan describes the vision, strategic direction and business and financial objectives of the company. The sales and marketing plan of the business plan is broken down to show how it will get and the tactics to attract the customers you need.

The sales and marketing plan could be as complex and as detailed as you want it to be. You can include a list of tactics that could be implemented, you can list and detail only specific tactics they plan to use, or a combination of both. It is important, however, that you understand how every idea is to be used, but you have some idea of the expected results each tactic should bring to the company. There is an old adage in business management: If you can not measure you can not manage. There is also a famous phrase: "I am convinced that 50."

There is also another saying: ". I can not afford to advertise" If you can not afford to advertise, then you probably can not afford to be in business.

Some of the key elements that you want to see in your sales and marketing plan includes a profile of your typical customer now, what percentage of business they bring, where they come from and how you found. If you are planning on growing the business, whether more of the same type of client or customer demographic different, this has to be defined, measured and made sure it's a good business to target. Sales and marketing should always be seen as an investment and like all other aspects of your business, you must bring a return that is measured or have to go and try something else or adjust your sales and marketing plan.

If you are looking for different marketing tactics and sales is simply no shortage of them. Here are some suggestions. Everyone has the consideration and research to make sure it is the right strategy for their proper business. These tactics include obvious things like your business cards, letterhead stationery and office, email signature, coupons and flyers, as well as things like your website, blog, monthly newsletter, networks, cause someone to eat a Once a week, the media of social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Other strategies could include advertising on television, seminars to educate customers about their services, trade fairs, hiring a public relations expert, joining local associations, such as chambers of commerce or other local business groups or trade associations .

Like your business plan, the sales and marketing plan should be a living and breathing document. You must include projections and not least, the results of the activities carried out so you can modify and constantly improve what you're doing. And do not forget your sales and marketing plan should include how each person in the business answers the phone through the bookkeeper. No reason for his bookkeeper and administrative staff can not answer the phone and offer a monthly special to see if they can bring in new business. It's a little unconventional but sales and marketing is about getting results, not whether something is conventional or unconventional.

Part 6 of this series discusses how the Sales and Business Plan and Marketing Plan are tied together with a communication plan.

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