The “Right” things to focus for an entrepreneur

This is a digital age and it’s not easy to stay focused on the set targets. For some, the ripples created by the social media websites turn into giant tides and they just drown in them. It is difficult to keep your goals alive in the era of massive information overload. Relevancy plays a key role in deciding what “Right” is, especially for the new entrepreneurs. The mind of a young and new entrepreneur has to deal with both the unique ideas running inside his head and the things going around in the outer world such as client meetings, employee briefings and various other corporate events. The multitasking makes the young entrepreneur feel like an octopus whose legs are being pulled in different directions, thus resulting in him losing his focus that will affect not only his thinking process but also his output.
Hence the most important skill for any entrepreneur is to remain focused on the primary objective that has to be achieved. Not being able to focus will not only waste time but also a lot of effort. Therefore, instead of working hard, working smart is the “Right” way to go. Without proper direction working hard would only create the services that are not required by the market, resulting in wastage of both time and money.  So following are the essentials to help remain focused:

Plan your everyday activities, keeping in mind the long term goals
Make a rough draft, a to-do list and list down all the things that you plan to complete the current day. Focus on both the best and worst case scenarios, list down all the people you need to meet. Planning you day ahead not only saves time, but it also helps you conduct your business with ease and without hassle. Once you get the hand of planning things for the future, you would able to set your long term goals i.e. goals you want to achieve in the next five years or so on.

Divide your day into small segments
It is not possible to maintain your focus during the entire day. Therefore, divide the whole day into smaller fragments and allot these fragments to a particular task, for instance, science suggests that you are at your optimum level of creativity early in the morning, so this is the best time for brainstorming.

Create an environment that helps in focusing
Environment is given the least importance while it probably has the most when it comes to allow a person to perform at an optimal level. You should start thinking about your business when you are on Facebook or Twitter, watching some movie or having a family dinner. You should have the ability to switch on and off as this will allow you to be in the right place with a right mind at a right time.

Avoid Multitasking
Human brain has evolved with the computer age as it has developed the ability to do multitasking. This makes things worse, as any chance of maintaining the focus goes begging. Therefore, doing one thing at a time will not slow you down, but will help you to do it with proper focus and ultimately “Right”.

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