Top 15 Ways to build your Law Practice

1.)    Forget about just working her.  You need to get out and let people know that you exist.  Simply sitting behind your desk isn’t going to get you squat.  That’s like expecting to get dates, when you sit on your couch at home.

2.)    Use referrals to drive your business.  Every day, you should reach out to three sources to help you bring more business.  That starts building very quickly, because if you do it right, you’ll easily have a dozen sources by the end of the week.

3.)    If you drive referral marketing, set a goal to go to lunch with referral sources at least three times per week.  Do it more often if you can.

4.)    If you have the time to blog, which initially you should, get to writing.  Quality content on the web is king.  I have a section on my website dedicated specifically to my DUI Attorney Law Practice in Orlando.

5.)    Holidays. Use them, but don’t just send out cards like all of the other law firms.  Do something special.  Even if you end up mailing to a smaller list of people.  Perhaps you even want to pick your own holiday, something that is not one of the major ones.  Whatever you pick, go for quality and authenticity.

6.)    Every law firm is different.  Not just who you are trying to target, but also what you are trying to say.  Even the same types of law firms can have different messages in different markets. I’m a DUI Lawyer in Orlando.  I bet if you were in Atlanta or NYC, your competition would be much different.  You need to take that into account.  Make sure you end up concentrating what you have to say.

7.)    Much of your business can come from peer referrals.  Make a valiant effort to promote yourself within the legal community.  A great way to do this is to have a quarterly lunch or dinner function.  It doesn’t have to be expensive.  Appetizers with little legal inscriptions are great.

8.)    When marketing yourself to your peers, don’t take yourself too serious.  Try to approach everything with a can do attitude, but try to keep things on the light side as well.

9.)    Decision-makers.  Often you are faced with the situation of who to market to in a specific company.  Use tools like LinkedIn and Twitter to see if you can figure out who the best approachable person is.  It’s never the front-desk girl.

10.)    Community Involvement.  CI is always a great way to get out into the community.  I don’t suggest you start sponsoring events like crazy, but you can think about sponsoring a little league, or join your local Rotary club.

11.)    Cross-Connect.  If you have someone who is in need of another service, make an effort to connect them.  Sooner or later they will need you and then you will be remembered because you have already built value in the relationship, because you helped them.

12.)    Keep your marketing real.  Do brand yourself as a person you are not.  Be authentic in your actions.  People buy with emotion and then justify the purchase with logic.  You are no exception.

13.)    For the love of god, if you put up another “lawyer” billboard with you smiling (or not smiling) face on it telling people how great you are, then you deserve to be taken for a financial beating.  Only run billboards to brand your law practice.  Don’t even expect to get any leads off it.

14.)    Get real about your online presence.  Run quality SEO.  Provide great content that allows people to understand that you know your field.  Always sell on trust.  Use the web to do just that.

15.)    Do not subscribe to the “law firm” only web marketing companies.  You know the ones with the big directories and the big price tags.  All you’ll get is a big bill every month.  You money is better spent hiring a knowledgeable SEO agency that will drive your website to the top.

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